Going Up! – Beach Houses Development Update

Things are progressing quickly at Beach Houses! Block work walls on the unit to the south of the Model Home are complete to the roof slab, while foundations have been cast for the northern unit. Project Manager, Steve Constable shares an update:

“On the southern unit, blockwork walls are complete to the underside of the roof slab and the decking installation has commenced,” reported Constable. ” The roof slab is currently scheduled for concreting in two weeks.”

Beach Houses FoundationFollowing this, the service installation will commence and then cement render to the blockwork walls. Inspection of the electrical earth bonding has now been completed by local authorities which will allow structural work on the pool to continue.

“The foundations of the northern unit have been cast and blockwork walls are complete to the underside of the ground floor slab,” said Constable. “We expect to cast the ground floor slab in mid-July, with blockwork being completed to roof level by early August.

On completion, Beach Houses will feature 63 two- and three-bedroom residences – each commanding 180° ocean views. An intimate community of residents will enjoy a secluded beach, 2 restaurants, a dramatic bar and a state-of-the-art wellness centre as well as access to the world class amenities and services of sister property – The Crane Resort. For more information or to book a tour, contact property@craneresorts.com.

Laying the Foundation: Beach Houses Development Update

The First Row of Beach Houses is taking shape! The unit to the south of the Model Home is poised to begin block work and service installation to roof level, with the unit to the north following swiftly behind. Project Manager, Steve Constable shares an update:

“We are about to concrete the ground floor slab of the unit to south of the Model Home,” reported Constable, “We just have to install the mesh and complete the last of the electrical installation.”

Block work and service installation to roof level on this unit is scheduled to commence in the coming days, while work on the foundation of the other unit continues.

“The ground below the unit to the north has been filled and tested to the underside of formation level,” said Constable. “Strip foundations are scheduled to start soon and we are planning to concrete the ground floor slab in July, following which we will take the block work to roof level.”

On completion, Beach Houses will feature 63 two- and three-bedroom residences – each commanding 180° ocean views. An intimate community of residents will enjoy a secluded beach, 2 restaurants, a dramatic bar and a state-of-the-art wellness centre as well as access to the world class amenities and services of sister property – The Crane Resort.

For more information or to book a tour, contact property@craneresorts.com.

3 Barbados Luxury Property Trends to Watch in 2016

Luxury property is making a resurgence in the gem of the Caribbean.

With the depressed conditions of the global economic slump now firmly in the rear-view mirror, the future of Barbados’ property market is almost as sun-washed as the island itself. Bolstered by increasing turmoil and uncertainty in competing destinations, and benefiting from increased airlift and foreign investment, this coral island paradise is proving even more appealing to prospective buyers.

Demand will continue to grow.

Barbados’ allure as a cosmopolitan tropical island, also offering the requisite sun, sea and sand is stronger than ever. Luxury travel has always been a key indicator of the island’s property trends and with long-stay visitor arrivals in 2015 up 13.7% over 2014 arrivals – the highest on record – it is expected that the property market will report comparable increases in 2016.

Fractional Ownership is becoming more popular.

A different type of luxury consumer has emerged from the recent global economic crisis – a more value-driven, more discerning buyer.

Fractional ownership has long afforded property buyers the opportunity to match financial outlay with actual property usage. Today, sales are on the rise as luxury property buyers use this form of ownership as a stepping stone to eventual full ownership. This trend has prompted several local developers to join successful pioneer Crane Resorts, developer of The Crane Resort and Beach Houses, in adopting this model.

Buying in developments or communities will remain popular.

The prospect of a well-established community complete with resort amenities and services will continue to appeal to luxury property buyers; with property developers offering proven track records expected to win out. Such developments often include pools, restaurants, gyms, spas and other amenities only footsteps away from home.

Set on the 1% of Barbados’ East Coast that remains outside of the island’s National Park, Beach Houses owners are able to choose exceptional ocean front property for long-term or second home living and luxury fractional ownership. This intimate community of residents will enjoy two restaurants, a dramatic bar and a state-of-the-art fitness centre, a day spa and a convenience store as well as access to the world-class amenities of sister property – The Crane.

For more information on ownership opportunities at Beach Houses, contact an Ownership Representative today at property@craneresorts.com.

Beach Houses, A Brief History

The former great house of Wiltshire Plantation, Whitehaven, and  its surrounding areas have a storied past. From slave insurrections and hurricanes to exotic plants and birds, Whitehaven is not only steeped in Barbadian history, but also destined for future greatness as the centrepiece of Beach Houses – a new, luxurious residential resort community on the island’s beautiful East Coast.

1639 – First Recorded Land Purchase

Pre-1630, there existed little to no documentation of land acquisition in Barbados. The first recorded land purchase in the area was made by Capt. Francis Skeete in 1639. The purchase consisted of 500 acres stretching inland from Skeete’s Bay, and included the spring at Three Houses Park. The property was subsequently leased to Thomas Wiltshire in or around 1739. This resulted in the area being referred to as Wiltshire Plantation, with Whitehaven being the main house.

1816 – Bussa’s Slave Rebellion

On April 14th 1816, a slave named Bussa led the only major slave uprising recorded in Barbados. Starting at Bayley’s Plantation, the rebellion soon spread to neighbouring estates including Wiltshire Plantation, inflicting severe damage to the property. A hurricane was also reported to have inflicted severe damage to the roof of Whitehaven in the latter part of the century.

Whitehaven Great House Barbados

1911 – Elliot Skeete

In 1911, what was the then only 180-acre Wiltshire Plantation was acquired by Mr. Elliot Skeete, who transformed the barren area into a tropical oasis. He spent a lifetime planting trees, first as windbreaks, and then the more delicate flowering plants such as flambouyants.  Mr. Skeete reportedly also had a passion for birds and filled the exterior of Whitehaven with a number of exotic species including Barbary Doves and Troupials. Fan mills were once used to pump fresh spring water into a stone outbuilding for irrigation purposes. Intriguingly, later generations used it as an indoor swimming pool.

1950 – Whitehaven Passes On

In 1950, Whitehaven and its grounds were once again sold – for the princely sum of $67,000. By the 1960s, the house was uninhabitable, but was fixed up for occupation in the early ’70s, at which time the plantation and nearby Three Houses factory were still in operation.

Today – Beach Houses

Whitehaven is now primed to be the centrepiece of Beach Houses – a new, luxurious residential resort community by Crane Resorts. Known for his successful preservation and expansion of the original 18-room ‘Crane Beach Hotel’, Managing Director of Crane Resorts Paul Doyle is committed to restoring Whitehaven to its former magnificence.

The site’s naturally beautiful terrain and century old trees were the inspiration for Doyle’s vision for Beach Houses – a simple yet elegant retreat.  The resort will feature 63 free-standing beach houses spread over a gently sloping, 50 acre hillside. Each residence will sit on just under 9,000 sq. ft. of land and command breathtaking ocean views.

The Show Unit at Beach Houses is open for viewing daily. For more information on this exceptional piece of Barbados real estate, contact property@craneresorts.com.

Building Beach Houses: A Q & A With Design Manager Shawn Archer

It has been almost a decade since Shawn Archer walked through the doors of The Crane for the first time as a Junior Architect. In the years that have followed, the now Design Manager has stewarded the design of The Crane Village – a nod to Barbadian heritage architecture, the discreetly private Residences in the Park and the renovation and restoration of Marine Villa – the original 18-room Crane Beach Hotel. Now, Archer turns from the traditional architecture of The Crane to the contemporary design of its sister resort on the Barbados’ East Coast – Beach Houses.

Q: Beach Houses has been described as being inspired by the idea of really getting away. What factors influenced the design?

A: The site of Beach Houses itself is off the beaten path – a quaint country diversion from the main road. Entry to the site for the first time is an experience of firsts – anticipation and then awe once you enter the gates. The expanse of sloping open space nestled between heavily-treed boundaries creates the perfect enclave of this resort.  That concept of “anticipation and reveal” is repeated  on a smaller scale within each Beach House residence.

Beach Houses-2

Q: What was the approach taken to combine the contemporary design of the Beach Houses with the history of surrounding areas?

A: Within the collective local consciousness, Barbados’  East Coast is the space where we traditionally go to “get away” and where one will find the “Bajan” version of a beach house. These traditional beach houses share similar features – expansive balconies or patios, external dining, large open-plan living spaces, large windows and doors that bring the outdoors in and that especially provide views across the Atlantic. These features have now been executed at Beach Houses in a contemporary way.

Q: Describe your design process. Specifically, what is unique about the Crane Resorts’ design-build model?

A: What makes the Crane Resorts’ design-build model effective, and unique, is that our previous projects feed into the current – not only in what we’ve learned in the design and construction but also in the operation. Immediate and real-time access to the end users of our designs  – employees, owners and builders – ensures that plans are always being reviewed to include proven design. The vertical integration of the organisation provides us with access to a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience, and our ongoing evaluation of design constantly moves us closer to perfection operationally and experientially.

Q: What role does green building and environmental sustainability play in the design of Beach Houses?

A: There are a number of design features of the Beach Houses project which are green initiatives. Moreover, these initiatives are not just environmentally sustainable, but also make good business sense. Each Beach House has a vegetated “green” roof which reduces the run-off caused by typical roof coverings. This vegetated roof also helps to reduce the solar heat transfer to the indoor spaces, thus making the rooms more comfortable and reducing the cooling load of the air conditioning units. Of course, I must mention here that the vegetated roofs will also improve the vistas for residences on higher terraces.

Each Beach House residence has been designed with large windows and large overhangs allowing the spaces to be naturally ventilated, reducing the need for air conditioning and reducing energy consumption. LED lighting has also been used throughout the residences along with low-flow fixtures that reduce the water consumption.

Provisions have been made for the Resort’s waste water to be treated to a level where it will be cleaner than the water in the natural springs that dot the site! This treated water will be used for irrigation in gardens across the entire resort, reducing the demand on the municipal potable water supply and again, reducing operational costs.

Q: What aspect of the design at Beach Houses do you think will have the biggest impact on the owner’s experience?

A: Going back to my initial point, I believe it will be that experience of anticipation and awe at the reveal from the macro to the micro level. From cresting the hill at the top of the site and looking over the expanse of the Atlantic  – to walking into your bathroom, which feels entirely like it is part of a secret garden. I truly believe this dynamic is what will make the biggest impact experientially to the owner.

Q: What is your favourite design feature?

A: My favourite design feature would be the hot tub seating and pool bench. I imagine many persons just sitting and gazing out to the sea for hours.

180-Degree Panoramic Ocean Views in the New Open-Plan Beach House Concept

Introducing the Open Floor Plan option at the newest beachfront villa development in Barbados – with 180 degrees of panoramic, unobstructed Caribbean ocean views and a 57-foot infinity pool.

Ultra-luxury and contemporary, the stand alone residences at Beach Houses have mastered blurring the line between indoor and outdoor Caribbean living creating the perfect holiday home for your family. A unique development on Barbados’ revered East Coast, Beach Houses offers fractional and quarter share ownership options, as well as outright ownership as a vacation home or residential villa.

Lock-off design ideal for flexibility of use

The initial Beach House design, with a self-contained studio lock-off, was inspired by the similar lock-off concept used in three bedroom units at Beach Houses’ sister property, The Crane. The lock-off is ideal for extended families as well as those interested in renting out some of the space in their unit, while still enjoying ultimate privacy.

Open plan concept creates one unified family space

Earlier this year, a suggestion was made to remove the lock-off divider, as many were keen on a style suited for a single family – requiring only one kitchen and, specifically, no divider through the 57-foot pool.

Beach Houses Barbados - 3D Floor Plan - 4 bedroom

Beach Houses Barbados – 3D Floor Plan – 4 bedroom

Garages and Carports              

  • Residential Owners will also enjoy enclosed garages to reduce the impact of sea spray on vehicles.
  • Car ports have been added to most other units.


Updated floor plan options for 3-bedroom Beach Houses

(Click to enlarge)

Click here to view all of the layout options for Beach Houses, including two-, three- and four-bedroom options. 

At the current pre-construction pricing, Beach Houses offers an unprecedented opportunity for capital appreciation.
Ownership is available on a Fractional (4 weeks or more), Quarter Share or Residential basis and is protected by a third party trustee.

Envision what’s to come!

Artist Rendering - 3 Bedroom Lock Off Beach House with Garage

Artist Rendering – 3 Bedroom Lock Off Beach House with Garage

Barbados Beach House - Indoor-outdoor living


Read more about Beach Houses –  the new Barbados villa development.

For more information, please contact:

Property Sales Office
Crane Resorts
+1 (246) 416 6560

Schedule a private tour at Beach Houses. Contact property@craneresorts.com.


Model Home Now Open

Exciting things are happening at Beach Houses! The model home is now open for private viewing, providing a breathtaking preview of the gorgeous development to come.

“The Crane has always appealed to those who want to get away from it all and our new development Beach Houses was conceptualised and designed for those who really want to get away,” commented Managing Director Paul Doyle.

“The preservation of most of the East Coast as a National Park ensures that this beautiful stretch of coastline will remain untouched forever. Now, with our model unit completed and the entire project designed – Beach Houses offers a ‘Grenadines’ seclusion to buyers right here in Barbados.”

Commencement of Phase 1 of development is scheduled for early 2014 and initial occupancy is targeted for winter 2015.

To schedule a private tour, please contact property@thecrane.com.

Things are progressing quickly at Beach Houses!

Things are progressing quickly at Beach Houses! Over the past few weeks, the construction team has successfully installed the model home’s below slab drainage, the ground floor slab and completed the majority of the block work of the walls. They are now in the process of erecting the formwork for the roof structure. In the coming days, the majority of the roof formwork will be in place and reinforcement will have commenced.

For further updates on the progress of Beach Houses, contact property@thecrane.com.

Model Unit Construction Begins

Things are moving along at Beach Houses! The construction of the highly anticipated model Beach House is underway. This two-bedroom Beach House will showcase the environmentally friendly designs of the entire project.

On Monday, August 20th, 2012, The Crane’s construction team poured the foundation for the model unit. After an initial setback presented by heavy rain falls, the team still managed to lay the brickwork up to the ground floor slab.

The team is currently installing the below slab drainage which will be followed by the installation of concrete blinding and electrical services. In the coming weeks, the team expects to complete the installation of the ground floor slab.

For further updates on the progress of Beach Houses, contact property@thecrane.com.